Fear Masters have brought together a unique collective of creative’s to provide expertise in scare attraction design, scare tactics, aesthetic haunt design, safety principles, illusions, scenic design, marketing collateral and objectives, theming, layout principles, effects and props. Fear Masters creative theories and build techniques are used throughout all our attractions, bringing incredible scare entertainment impact to our guests.

Fear Masters Creations are all designed and built in house:

Prop Design/Execution - From initial concept through to completion, including construction and detailing we make our custom prop ideas come to life. As well as our own custom creations, we have a vast collection of stunningly realistic props, imported direct from America, and made by some of the world’s leading prop design houses.

Lighting Design/Execution - Proper lighting of our attractions makes a huge difference. We have invested heavily in the latest lighting and effects technologies, including top of the range lazers and projection effects.  We work hard to make our attractions more visible and visually stunning, often leaving others in the dark.

Sound Design/Execution - All our audio and sound effects are created in our state of the art production studio, utilising our vast library of sounds & effects, we can create anything from a howling wind blowing through a cemetery, to moans, groans, screams and chainsaws, with accompanying background atmospheric music to totally immerse our guests in a stunning audio experience.

Scare Attraction Design/Execution - Our experience in scare attraction design and layout just keeps on growing. We have devised many different scare attraction layouts and know the most efficient way to get guests through the attraction giving them great value for money without making them feel rushed and missing half of the action.

Scenic Design/Execution - The name of the game - authenticity! Our guests need to believe that their surroundings are real.  Our team of scenic painters and set decorators distress and authenticate our attractions making them look like they have been sitting around for years. Carefully selected props and decorations are then added, giving our attractions that authentic look that others seem to be missing.

Creating the Fear! - The only limit is our imagination!

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